About Me

Born in Montreal, QC and subsequently moving to the United States four years later, I didn't get a chance to connect with my Canadian and Irish roots, at least not on a personal level.

Starting on my genealogy some 30 years ago was a challenge, researching in other countries, but with perseverance and a love of sleuthing I was able to learn about my French Canadian ancestors from Belgium, and the Normandy region of France and my Irish ancestors from County Cavan, Ireland.

This blog will try to present them to others as I continue my research. I've already been in contact with a 2nd cousin from the Montreal area, what a gift that was, we regularly correspond and share photographs and stories of our mutual families.

I'd like to add that this blog will also delve into the history of the province of Quebec, especially Montreal where I was born and Quebec City where my maternal ancestors lived.

Contact me anytime at greyoaks@gmail.com

Onward, by all means!


  1. Congratulations on entering the world of blogging. Such adventures await!
    As Canadian as can be: My Hogue and Girardin ancestors

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