Friday, April 5, 2019

Irish Catholic Churches of Quebec - E is for Saint Eusebe-De-Vercelli

In the city of Montreal. Address: 647 Fullum Street. Sainte-Marie district. 

The records of this parish begin in the year 1897. 

Canonical erection: August 14, 1897. The canonical decree erecting this parish was published in the Official Gazette of 1897.

The parish's territory, detached from the parish of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul-de-Montréal , is bounded by Sherbrooke, Hâvre, Lalonde-Nord and De Lorimier Streets. Vercelli is the name of a strong city of Italy. Pop. 10.017.

(Source: Magnan, Hormisdas, Historical and geographical dictionary of parishes, missions and municipalities of the Province of Quebec, 1925.

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