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A To Z Challenge 2017–W is for Tall Ship Wylde Swan


WThe hull of Wylde Swan started life as a ‘herring hunter’ in the 1920’s, working off the Shetland Islands – a ship built for speed, ferrying the fresh catch from fishing grounds to the markets ashore. The Jemo, as she was originaly called, was originally built by HDW in Kiel.

The ship was decommissioned sometime in the late 20th century and had changed ownership several times before Willem Slighting saw in her underwater shape the makings of a fast sailing ship. Her sleek underwater hull is now part of a rugged sailing ship, reminiscent of the large schooner yachts of the 1900 era.

Furthermore Wylde Swan has developed her own educational program. Masterskip Wylde Swan is an educational project that has the mission to create an inspiring and demanding environment for students. The trainees have a great time and learn a lot about science, life at sea and the subjects related to the journey. Furthermore the students learn how to cooperate and work in a challenging and active environment, and experience to maintain a positive and creative atmosphere on board.vessel-wylde-swan-3-768x512

The most prestigious award of The Tall Ships Races, Sail Training International’s Friendship Trophy, presented to the vessel who contributes most to international understanding and friendship during the Race Series, was won in 2011 by Dutch vessel Wylde Swan. 

Wylde Swan’s international crew is becoming very familiar with Sail Training International’s prize giving stage as they also won first in Class A for Race Three as well as first in Class A for the entire Race Series. Their winning streak began in Lerwick when they picked-up an award for making the most impact during Cruise-in-Company before going on to win Race Two from Lerwick to Stavanger both in class and on the water. 

The Friendship Trophy was accepted in what has become recognized as true Wylde Swan spirit, singing and dancing all of the way.


Class: A

Nationality: Netherlands

Length: 40.90 m

Height: 36.27 m

Rig: Brigantine

Year built: 1920

Home port: Makkhum, Netherlands


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