Sunday, April 30, 2017

A To Z Challenge 2017–V is for Tall Ship Vahine

SY Vahine, Nautors Swan 65, is planned by Sparkman & Stevens and is called the most legendary Nautors Swan construction. The legend was created when Sauyula II, won the Whitbread 'around the world' race. The following year 4 Nautors Swan 65 boats were among the five fastest in the race. She is still a very fast boat especially in hard weather, in calmer weather Vahine is too heavy to be among the fastest boats
Vahine (Tahitian for woman) sails with 9 trainees, one mentor and 2 staff. The trainees will sleep in 5 cabins.
Class: C
Nationality: Finland
Length: 19.68 m
Height: 24.28 m
Rig: Bm Ketch
Year built: 1972
Home port: Helsinki
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