Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A To Z Challenge 2017 - C is for Class C Vessels

Class C

Modern rigged vessels with a length of less than 40 m and with a waterline length. The length of the point at which the vessel sits in the water, at least 9.14 m. They are not carrying spinnaker like sails.

Oriole was originally laid down as the Oriole IV, the successor in a line of vessels named Oriole that were in service as the flagships for the Royal Canadian Yacht Club of Toronto, Ontario. During World War II, she was chartered by the Royal Canadian Navy as a training vessel. In 1949 she was again chartered by the Navy as a new recruit training vessel, and subsequently moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1951. 

She was officially commissioned HMCS Oriole 19 June 1952, and two years later the navy moved her to CFB Esquimalt to become a training vessel to the Naval Officer Training Centre.

Class: D
Nationality: Canada
Length: 27.72 m
Height: 20.66m
Rig: BM Ketch
Home Port: Esquimalt
Year built: 1921

The Oriole will be sailing in Rendez-Vous 2017

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