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Éva Circé-Côté


She was the daughter of Ezilda Décarie (1846-1926) and Narcissus Circe (1842-1911), Montreal merchant  .She studied at the Convent of the Sisters of St. Anne in Lachine.



In 1900, when already known as a poet and speaker, she began her journalistic career in the Debates .Her essays and poems earned her rave reviews. From 1900 to 1942, she worked for newspapers L'Avenir ,The Illustrated World , The Future of the North , the Nationalist, The Country and The World worker.In 1902, with other young writers, she founded The Spark , a literary journal. She signed some 1,100 columns in various newspapers of opinion, under the pseudonyms of Columbine, Musette, John Nay, Fantasio, Arthur Maheu, Julien Saint-Michel, Paul S. Bédard. Francophile, she called his collection of poems and essays Blue, White, Red .

In 1903, she was appointed first librarian of the Technical Library, the first public library in Montreal. It will have the title of assistant librarian of the Library of the City of Montreal from 1915 to 1932.

In 1905, she married Dr. Pierre Côté-Salomon, who was known as the doctor of the poor of Saint-Jean-Baptiste neighborhood. They had a daughter, Eve. After the death of her husband in 1909, according to his last wishes, he was cremated. She attended the progressive circles and Freemasons in Montreal.

From the end of xix th  century, it gives lectures on education for girls. In 1908, with journalist Georgina Belanger , it opens in Montreal a secular school for girls, however firm in 1910 . In January 1910 she began her collaboration with the radical liberal weekly The Nation led by Godfroy Langlois . From the foundation of worker World by Gustave Francq , she joins her team and published in the union newspaper until 1942. From 1937, she also published in the French Protestant newspaper L'Aurore .

Four plays, historical dramas or comic satires, each is worth a price. In 1922, she was elected vice-president of the French section of the Society of Canadian authors of which she is a founding member.

Liberal and progressive, she denounces the imperialism , the anti-Semitism and religious power of the time in Quebec. The struggle for free thought , the separation of church and state, free education, compulsory and secular. Women, she says, "The time evolution of a people sound when the woman ceases to be a slave. "It defends workers' rights and calls for reform of the provisions Civil Code on the status of married women.

Admirer of the Patriots and Louis-Joseph Papineau , in 1924 she published Papineau. His influence on Canadian thinking. Historical psychology test .


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