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Atwater Market




Atwater Market is a farmers' market located in the Little Burgundy area of Montreal, Canada. It opened in 1933. The interior market is home to many butchers and the Première Moisson bakery and restaurant. 

The market's Art Deco building was designed by architect Ludger Lemieux, working with his son, Paul Lemieux. It is located on Atwater Street, near the Lachine Canal and the Lionel-Groulx Metro station, as well as Greene Avenue. A pedestrian bridge, which can also be used by bicycles, connects the market to Saint-Patrick Street and to a bicycle path in Pointe-Saint-Charles on the other side of the Lachine Canal.

The presence of this bridge explains the popularity of this market with bike riders, who often stop there, and greatly contributes to the great summer ambiance of the area. The bike path travels from the Old Port of Montreal to the Lachine Marina and is owned and maintained by Parks Canada.

The market is named for Atwater Street, named for Edwin Atwater (1808–1874), a municipal alderman of the district of Saint-Antoine. The street was named for him in 1871.

Ludger Lemieux
1872 - 1953

Born in West Farnham in the Eastern Townships, Lemieux studied at McGill University and worked in Montreal. He was associated for some time with Joseph-Honoré-MacDuff (1869-1918) but, in 1931, began working with his son Paul, with whom he designed the Atwater Market.

He was also responsible for the Tooke Brothers factory, the Workman Building, the Sainte Irénée Church (next to Atwater Market), and other buildings in Saint-Henri, including the fire station (no. 23) and the Saint-Zotique Church.


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