Sunday, August 14, 2016

Maple Stars and Stripes

I'm a French-Canadian residing in the United States, I no longer speak French because after coming to the States I wanted to fit in, I didn't want to speak French any longer. Was that a positive decision, probably not, but for a little girl going to school in rural Indiana it made perfect sense. I never regretted my decision to only speak 'American' until I started researching my family tree, half of my tree is French-Canadian and I don't speak or read the language. Oh my!

Actually with a lot of research and help from my French speaking Mother I've done very well, but sometimes wondered if there were other like me, researching French-Canadian ancestors from the United States.

I'm an avid researcher, and one day I stumbled upon Maple Stars and Stripes Your French-Canadian Genealogy Podcast, I was hooked! Authored by Sandra Goodwin, her podcasts took the mystery out of much of my French-Canadian genealogy. The first podcast I listened to was 'The Dreaded 'dit' Name',  Sandra's second podcast, I've not missed a podcast since.

If you want to understand more of your French-Canadian ancestry please have a listen to Sandra Goodwin's Maple Stars and Stripes.

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