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Lance Seargeant William Henry Webb


L. Sgt. Webb was born 15/Sept/1920 in Montreal to William Henry and Mary Jane Webb, one of 5 children that included John, Robert, Mary, Emily, and Marjorie.

He married Martha and they had two children, Bernard and Beverly. He attended St. George’s church.

He enlisted 8/4/1942 in The Galgary Highlanders, 79th Field Artillery and was KIA (killed in action) 26/Apr/1945 in Germany.



L. Sgt. Webb is interred at Holten Canadian Military Cemetery, Netherlands.

The Netherlands fell to the Germans in May 1940 and was not re-entered by Allied forces until September 1944.

The great majority of those buried in Holten Canadian War Cemetery died during the last stages of the war in Holland, during the advance of the Canadian 2nd Corps into northern Germany, and across the Ems in April and the first days of May 1945. After the end of hostilities their remains were brought together into this cemetery.



Holten Canadian War Cemetery contains 1,393 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War.

L. Sgt. Webb was awarded:

1939-1945 Medal

France-Germany star

Defence Medal

War Medal

CVSM w/clasp


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