Thursday, August 25, 2016

Belding Corticelli Silk Company




Belding Paul Co the first Belding Paul Co., the first silk mill in Canada, set up shop near the Lachine Canal in 1884. It would later merge with Corticelli from Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu. Silk ribbon was made and later, nylon stockings. The workforce was made up mostly of women. After closing in 1982, the factory was converted into condos.

Belding, Paul and Co. merged with Corticelli in 1911. Formerly a silk manufacturing factory, it has been recently renovated into residential space (1989).




Belding Brothers & Company – Silk Manufacturers


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  1. I recently received a gift of several boxes of Corticelli button hole twist thread created at the Corticelli silk mill in St. John's Canada. I was intrigued that there was ever such a huge mill in St John's!
    The small wooden spoons are fascinating and I will experiment with using them for making earrings!