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Hochelaga, QB Tobacco Factory Fire, April 1895


They Are Compelled to Jump from the Windows of MacDonald's Tobacco Factory--Some Reported Killed.

MONTREAL, April 25--Many persons were injured and it is feared a number were killed this evening during a fire which caused a loss of $250,000 at the MacDonald tobacco factory at Hochelaga, a suburb of Montreal.

Eleven persons, injured by jumping from windows, were in the hospitals at 1 o'clock.

The physicians in charge say that several of the number are likely to die before morning.

Following is a list of the injured, so far as can be learned:

BEAUCHAMP, ROSANA, collarbone broken, and internally injured
BLONIN, NAPOLEON, left arm and leg fractured
CHAPUT, DELPHIS, both legs fractured, will die
FONTIN, ADELE, internally injured
GAGNON, JOSEPH, fireman, leg fractured
GELINAS, MAY, badly bruised
GUILLMETTE, ETIENNE, badly bruised
PEIRIER, MARY, badly bruised
SENET, ZERAPHIN, back broken

MacDonald's tobacco factory is the largest of its kind in Canada, covering several acres of ground on Ontario Street, in Hochelaga.

The fire, which started about 6 o'clock in the tower of the main building, made rapid progress, and in a short time the whole upper portion of the building was in flames. The place was crowded with employes[sic], many of them girls, who were finishing their day's work and preparing to leave for their homes.

Exit was cut off and many of the girls were forced to jump from the upper floors to save their lives. Ambulances were called and several girls were removed to the hospital badly injured.

The loss will reach $750,000, and there is no insurance. The factory is the property of W. C. MacDonald. The fire was under control at 1 o'clock.

The New York Times, New York, NY 26 Apr 1895

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