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Raoul Donat Gadbois

Raoul Donat Gadbois, was my 1st cousin, 2 X removed and younger brother to Father Charles Emile Gadbois and was born in Saint-Barnabé 29 March 1912. He is the son of Prosper Gadbois, merchant, and Celina Germain. 

After classical studies at the Seminary of Saint-Hyacinthe from 1924 to 1932 and accounting at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, he was appointed chief accountant of the National Electrical Union in 1939.

 He is founder Secretary, with the father Albert Roger, Boscoville in 1940. on 13 August 1945, he founded the Society Inc. brokerage., a corporation of which he is the current president. He was elected in 1947, Councillor of the City of Montreal and set a record of motions presented to the City Council (1947 to 1950). 

1940: Secretary/founder Boscoville, an institution for troubled youth.
1949: Organized the first Trade Fair in Montreal.
1950: Organized the first flower parade in Montreal.
1960: Founded the Federation of Nautical Clubs of Quebec, and in 1961, the Water Security Council of Quebec.
1963: Member/founder of the Federation of campgraounds in Quebec and organizes the Ball of Flowers on the occasion of the Floralies of Montreal.

In 1953 he founded, with the collaboration of his brother Father Charles-Émile Gadbois, himself a founder of La Bonne Chanson, the radio CJMS (Canada, I Remember) he sold in 1955. The Federation yacht clubs in Quebec and the Water security Council of Quebec, based successively in 1960 and 1961, are the work of Raoul Gadbois. 

In 1962, he passed the Real Estate Brokerage Act of Quebec. He founded in 1968 Spiritex inc., Company importing French wine, and the Commanderie des Vinophiles Canada wine brotherhood which marks its 25th anniversary in 1994. He created, in 1986, the Fondation Abbé Charles-Émile Gadbois that allocates singing scholarships for youth 16 to 29 years wishing to sing in French and contributes to the survival of the French Canadian culture. Until 1996, the latest annual concert of the Foundation, it will have 407 candidates auditioned and paid $ 151,712 in scholarship. 

October 13, 1993 Raoul Gadbois is decorated by the President of the French Republic, François Mitterand, through the Consul General of France in Montreal, Mr. Jean-Pierre Beauchataud, for his contribution to the French culture in Canada. 

Raoul Donat Gadbois died in July 2002.

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