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Diamond Harbour School - 1854 - 1888

Diamond Harbour School - 1856 Presentation drawing

The Diamond Harbour School served the children of Protestant sailors and shipbuilders in the working class Cap-Blanc neighborhood. Originally located in the the basement of the Mariner's Chapel, it moved to a new building in 1863.

Former Diamond Harbour School - 1900

This elegant neo-gothic schoolhouse was the second to be created by the Protestant Board of School Commissioners of Quebec, after the Artillery Street School.

With the decline of the shipbuilding trade, attendance at the school fell and part of the building was transformed into a Lutheran Scandinavian Church in 1876. The school finally closed in October 1888, but the building later housed the Sarsfield Athletic Club and the Quebec Harbour Authority, and has since been converted to a private residence.

Former Diamond Harbour School became a Scandinavian Church - 1900

The institution should not be confused with the Catholic Diamond Harbour School also known as the Foulons School.


Diamond Harbour School is now a private residence.

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