Sunday, May 29, 2016

Henry Pyle 1802 - 1898

Henry Pyle was my 3 times maternal great-grandfather born in Crosserlough, Kildrumferton parish, County Cavan, Ireland to Richard and Hariet. He had one sister, Margaret.

He emigrated to Quebec City sometime before 1825, became a farmer and married Jane Griffith, also from Ireland in 1825.

They had 5 children, Jane, my 2 times great-grandmother, Phoebe, Robert, Ann, and Eliza Jane. Their mother, Jane died in 1863 and Henry married again, this time to Jane Gregory in 1865. Jane Gregory Pyle died in 1883, he had also survived a daughter, Phoebe who died in 1876 and his only son, Robert who died in 1875.

Henry died at the age of 96 at the Finlay Asylum for elderly men.

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