Friday, March 18, 2016

St. Hyacinthe (Our Lady Of The Rosary)

 The church where all the Bernard sisters were married.

Paroisse Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire
City: Saint-Hyacinthe
MRC / Territory equivalent: The Maskoutains
Diocese: Saint-Hyacinthe
Opening records: 14 December 1777

County and diocese of Saint-Hyacinthe. It is in the town of that name. The records of this parish open in the year 1777. Its territory includes the area 5, which is the oldest part of the city of Saint-Hyacinthe, and the municipality of the parish of Notre-Dame-de- Saint-Hyacinthe, and the village of Providence. Canonical erection: June 2, 1832. Civil erection: July 11, 1835. In 1852 the parish of Notre-Dame-de-Saint-Hyacinthe was divided in half to form the parish of St. Hyacinthe the Confessor . This is when the oldest part took the name of "Our Lady of the Rosary." The municipality of the parish has retained the old name. 

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